• Shomila Malik

    Shomila Malik

    Founder of Recknsense, a place to reflect on the future of technology and humans. Find more on recknsense.medium.com and recknsense.com

  • Marc Foglino

    Marc Foglino

    Entrepreneur, CEO, Product & growth consultant, speaker and blogger. Passion for Technology and Psychology. Lifelong learner. Mindfulness practitioner. Gamer.

  • Geraldine Baptiste

    Geraldine Baptiste

    Speculative Fiction Author & Optometrist

  • JoRoan Lazaro

    JoRoan Lazaro

    Wandering, with purpose. Messy eater; dropping digital breadcrumbs to help remember who, and where, we’ve been. Past lives: R/GA, CP+B, Second Life, EA, AOL…

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